Simple but effective makeover tips for your home

Is your home in need of a makeover? The good news is , it doesn’t need to be an expensive or a time consuming process in order to get a stunning result. Below are some simple and inexpensive ideas to provide inspiration for those that would like to give their property a simple transformation. These ideas are also rental property friendly!

Add indoor plants

For health benefits and also aesthetic purposes. Having indoor plants increases the oxygen in a home and has been proven to calm the heart rate and lower blood pressure. Not to mention it adds a pop of colour to the room and looks beautiful. Selecting an appealing pot for the plant can increase the look even further.

Throw out those old cushions

xThis goes for the bedroom and also the couch, It is amazing how by simply adding new fresh cushions, it can transform your furniture and make the room look brand new. For an extra touch of colour and texture, add a throw rug, this is not only functional for the cold winter nights, but also can complement the pillow arrangement perfectly.

00a1f3fa689b11c759c938b1ffc2be96--minimalist-living-rooms-neutral-living-roomsUse Mirrors

Don’t go crazy with this one, too many mirrors in a room can have the opposite affect, however placing a mirror on a wall can enhance the décor and also make a space feel and look more open. For a rental property alternative if you are not able to hang from the wall, a standing mirror leaning against the wall has the same effect.

c35681ec766d6e18a8d41c56b4539d7d--navy-dresser-comfy-armchairMore light

Lamps are not only a great feature for a room, but keep a room looking brighter and more appealing. As seen in the picture on the left, lamps look great both standing from the ground, or also on a bench/ table.


This one can be really inexpensive and can have a large effect on your home, lighting a few scented candles in the home can make the property feel so much more inviting and homely. Candles not only smell amazing but act as a great accessory on your bench top.

Sources: Pinterest





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