How 2 make small spaces seem bigger

A blink of light

1. Use curtain rods that are wider than your windows: If you need curtains, install rods that are wider than the windows. This will open up the light source completely illuminating the room.

2. Place lights outside your window: When your windows are clean, add some lights or lamps outside for an inexpensive way to draw eyes outside, giving a false sense of depth.

3. Use three light sources of varying height: When decorating, use three lights of varying height to add a sense of intimacy and warmth to any room.

An example:

– A light that is low and indirect (table lamps are great).

– A taller light which stands from the ground (standing floor lamps are perfect).

– A top down light (pendants are ideal for illuminating depth).


Don’t forget the walls

4. Remove interior doors: Just like windows, unconstrained space instantly draws the eye. Removing unused interior doors (such as ones between kitchens and living rooms) removes barriers for the eye.

5. Paint the walls bright: When redecorating walls, avoid dark colours to stop the feeling of walls closing in on you.

Try a China White in flat for walls and a White Dove in semigloss for the trim.

6. Dark floors with light walls: Once you have the walls sorted, installing dark floors will add a sense of contrast and warmth to the room.


Optimise the furniture

7. Move furniture from walls: When furniture is pushed up against walls, your space will start to feel cramped. Counter this by moving bigger items (such as lounge suites) away from walls. Even moving them a little adds breathing space.

8. Exposed legs are key: Like above, when picking furniture, choose pieces with exposed legs to maintain a rooms breathing space.

9. Make use of hidden storage: Nowadays there’s a range of furniture in the market with hidden storage compartments. These are perfect for de-cluttering and hiding everyday items.

10. Give stripes a go: Because who doesn’t love a visual illusion anyway? Adding a striped rug elongates a space in your favour.


Think BIG with decorations

11. Buy big for small: On the topic of furniture, when it comes time to replace that old tired lounge suite, choose a larger prominent statement item to keep spaces uncluttered and open.

12. Hang shelves near ceilings: Adding a storage shelf nearer the ceiling can add quirk to a room whilst drawing eyes upwards.


Don’t forget…

13. Paint the ceilings: There’s two options to consider when painting a room with a small space.

– Either opt for a ‘ceiling white’ to keep rooms minimal. This colour will also match your freshly painted light hue walls.

– Or choose a pop of colour, to add vibrance to a room.


14. Keep 10% clear: When planning your new swanky space, don’t forget to keep at least 10% of table-tops and desks clear. This keeps the space uncluttered while helping the room feel larger.

15. Don’t forget the hallway: When renovating a space, don’t get drawn into the design of the room without thinking about adjoining hallways. Adding a piece of bold art or colour to these hallways will draw eyes outside the room, adding depth.



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