Where’s my agent?! Many of them lose it between sale and settlement.

So you’ve given your client great feedback, contacted them daily, written reports, sold the house, hi-fived and now all documents are on the way to the conveyancer and the deposits paid! 

Job done right?


During the settlement process many agents diminish the goodwill they created through the sale process by simply disappearing.

There is no greater sign of a transaction focused agent/sales person than this. It’s like you’ve got your pay on the way and that’s it.

For many sellers this is a harder part of the process than the actual selling . They have to move, disconnect and reconnect power, notify banks, health care, change drivers license, change the kids schools, work out new transport maps…. The list goes on.

This is where a relationship focused or customer centric agent should shine. It’s not too hard to be there for your seller and guide them, check in to make sure they’re on track and assist where possible. This is where great long lasting relationships are built!

You’ve done enough to earn your commission but have you done enough to earn your clients referral?

Be there, be present and be remembered. 


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