Nailing presentation for sale.

Having sold hundreds of properties in my career one of the common points of discussion with potential sellers is how to get the best price possible. It comes from a realisation that once a property hits the market it becomes a product and the perception of that product will affect its value. The idea that a property will ‘sell itself’ is so far outdated and completely unfounded. Sure a person will buy a property but if it’s presented poorly and marketed poorly one could only expect at best, an average outcome.

In the current market having the property professionally styled is pound for pound the best investment a property seller can make.

24 Maud Street, Unley-07

What amount does this add to a sale price? Well that’s a tough one to quantify but what is not tough is that it increases buyer enquiry which we know increases interest and more interest usually results in competition and finally a higher sale price via multiple interested parties.

With the rise of shows such as The Block and the increase in celebrity Interior Designers this space has received a lot of attention over the past few years and a well presented home is all but expected from buyers.

Take a look at the following examples of styled properties before and after.





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  1. Marc says:

    Great article!


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