Facebook live and auctions

11046380_1565869897021884_656179320903545691_oThis year Facebook Inc has created the option for its users to post live videos. This means that users can watch any video you post in real-time. This has opened up a world of possibility for home sellers and real estate agents.

Recently we experimented with broadcasting all of our live auctions to our Facebook page with great success. The numbers are exceptional and best of all for home sellers…. It’s FREE!

So what are the benefits for the seller? Here are just a few.

With the average attendance at an auction being between 40 and 60 people this provides the opportunity to double/triple/quadruple your audience.

Interstate and O/S bidders can watch and bid from anywhere on the planet provided they have an Internet connection. They can also bid via proxy with the option of watching live and if they’re watching live there’s a good opportunity they will be more competitive as they can see what’s going on. 

For the seller there is only upside to this and set up correctly it can further enhance the opportunity and exposure that your property has.

Check out our Facebook page @leadestateagents for more live auctions or to view past broadcasts. 



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